Shaykh Hisham Kabbani - Montreal Tour 2009

In the Dergah

Jumu`ah Prayer
Montreal Dergah - Jumu`ah - Friday Sermon
October 2, 2009

Read the khutbat "Prophet's Description of the Hereafter" at this link.

Read the khutbat "Prophet's Description of the Hereafter" at this link.
Hadrah, Suhbat and Dhikr
Outreach Event, Naqshbandi Dergah, Montreal

Read the suhbat at this link.

Read the suhbat at this link.
Invitation to Lunch - La Khaimah
Sidi Ould Adzig, proprietor of the La Khaima, an authentic Mauritanian Restaurant next door to the Zawiya, prepared a huge feast and invited all attendees for lunch, Oct. 6

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Find more photos like this on The Haqqani Fellowship
Outreach (Da`wah) Event: Suhbat, Dinner and Hadrah
October 3, 2009

watch the video of this event at this link.