Pope Meets with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim During Cyprus Visit


Catholic Bishops Deplore Mideast Christians’ Plight

By RACHEL DONADIO: June 6, 2010
NICOSIA, Cyprus — In a document presented here on Sunday by Pope Benedict XVI, bishops from across the Middle East called on Christians to become a dynamic minority in a conflict-ridden region and attributed theirdeclining population here to “instability” caused by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the war in Iraq and unrest inLebanon.

NY Times: Pope Meets Muslims Leader in Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus — A day after Cypriot religious and political leaders lashed out at Turkey, whose troops have occupied northern Cyprus since 1974, Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday met briefly with a Muslim religious leader from the Turkish North.
The pope exchanged greetings for several minutes with the leader, Sheik Mehmet Nazim Adil, 88, a Sufi, outside the Vatican’s embassy to Cyprus.
Hurriyet: Pope, Sufi Muslim Mystic Have Unschedule Meeting in Cyprus NICOSIA — Agence France-Presse: Pope Benedict XVI had a brief unscheduled meeting on Saturday in Greek Cyprus with a well-known Sufi Muslim mystic who traveled from the north of the divided island to see him, the Vatican said.

Reuters: Pope has unplanned meeting with Cypriot Islamic leader

Pope Benedict held a surprise meeting with a Turkish Cypriot Islamic leader from the divided island on Saturday, underscoring his view that inter-religious dialogue should be used as an inspiration for reunion.
Pope Benedict XVI has met with a Muslim leader on his pilgrimage to Cyprus, part of efforts to talk to both sides of the decades-old conflict on the island divided between ethnic Greeks and Turks.
Pope Benedict XVI appealed Saturday for support for embattled Christian communities in the Middle East, calling them a vital force for peace in the region.
Fox News: NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Pope Benedict XVI has met with a Muslim leader on his pilgrimage to Cyprus, part of efforts to talk to both sides of the decades-old conflict on the island divided between...
MSNBC: Pope Urges Support for Mideast Christians NICOSIA, Cyprus - Pope Benedict XVI ...met with a Turkish Cypriot Muslim religious leader, part of careful diplomacy reaching out to both sides in the decades-old conflict between ethic Greeks and Turks on the divided island.
EARTHtimes.org: Nicosia - Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday called for dialogue between Christians and people of other faiths on the second day of a visit to the decades-long divided island of Cyprus, whose Christian a...
ABC.ES: El Papa se reúne con un líder musulmán de zona chipriota ocupada por turcos (Spanish) Catholic News: Pope Meets with Muslim Spiritual Leader in Cyprus


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